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The Full Story

    Since 2016, two wildly artistic friends, with a matching passion for anime games and video, attended a handful of conventions.  But the story doesn’t end there.

    After experiencing anime convention life, we discovered that our form of anime art was convention-worthy, and this catapulted us into the perfect career niche.  A studio was then built, and Liberato Art Studio came to life. This studio has become a haven for honing our artistic chops and painstakingly executing intricate and unique designs.

    Liberato Art Studio has big plans to bring an entirely new collection of anime fan art to conventions across North America in 2023 and beyond. Our hope is to provide anime fans with an exciting new batch of artwork to enjoy. Sharing our passions for anime art with others who feel the same is fulfilling work and what conventions are all about.

    For a more detailed listing of our upcoming appearances, check out our Events page.

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